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&Nbsp;   on the overall decoration of the perfect bride, veil was the highlight of an essential, yarn of different match a different temperament, of wearing a veil in different locations, will reflect a different effect.
    1. Wear a veil "universal"
&Nbsp;   yarn to wear his head in a ponytail above the root, this is basically the golden rule of wearing a veil. Seen from the front. Behind the veil was exactly the right height above your head, because the hair's towering yarn also elegant stand up, and that the wearing method if the veil is not easy covering the bride's face.
&Nbsp;   2. veil worn on the head head forward, hanging veil covered cheeks a little, gorgeous. If there are echoes flowers worn on the head, that will give the young energetic, lovely impression. However, do not fit in the shoulders particularly bright eyes design wedding dress, or just can't hold focus, too complicated.
&Nbsp;   3. head parts wear will make the bride look even more noble, elegant, feminine, recommendations might as well give up cute hair accessories such as small crowns, selected pearls are more textured accessories.