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&Nbsp;   2012 wedding market booming has many good hotels are not booked, things ready for the married couple is also a pain, now, "hard marriage" also quietly lifted the market.
&Nbsp;   spelling is an attitude "fight for marriage, there are only two reasons for not supporting is married only once, can be shared" a senior wedding Chen said: "Although in the Chinese tradition, newlyweds is anything new, but, in fact, now the married couple has been very rare to see something new. Even like these wedding company has customized gowns service, but there are like wedding venues, flowers arch which is not something new. "What spell or spell is not, frankly speaking, that is an attitude to life.
&Nbsp;   fight in the course of the cheapest spell marriage, also a wedding company in part to save money. Hotel is difficult to bargain prices they set are far more generally through one or two host go on price, even if there is a discount, not too big, can only say that two or three couples go to booking a hotel is easier, after all, is a big customer. Wedding, wedding arrangement, such as arches, balloon supplies as well as the master of ceremonies, with the makeup services and so on, can enjoy together, also was renamed "green wedding".
&Nbsp;   as for the specific spell marriage costs, Wedding couples wedding time, venue and number, and cannot be generalized. Take for instance the wedding dress, some spelled their hiring two people to wear, if the interval in a day or two, then added 40% rent per day, if both couples are able to wear this dress, then deferred lease lease deal than two people in two.
&Nbsp;   spell marriage in the process, you can use little tricks. Three couples put together a wedding, can use two ceremonies, saving the cost of a master of ceremonies, but also master of ceremonies between the guest, to hilarious effect in place and field separated by a curtain or screen partition, would not be a mass wedding in General.
&Nbsp;   wedding photography small spelling marriage services many Studio before and after Golden Week spell launched a "make offers" service, limited places and save time, according to a predetermined number of a limited number of days last day discount, lower the more discount.
&Nbsp;   wedding photography can also spell it? For studios, however, in order to ensure the quality of shot, on the preferential margin will not be very big, because it involves deployment of photographers and creative State, without recourse to a few couples share a photographer.