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&Nbsp;   every bride dreams of one day, wearing a white wedding dress, wearing a fine selection of "glass slipper" someone to love, so how do you pick out the right kind of "glass slipper"?
&Nbsp;   shoes shoes, let the bride like a simple Cup of tea, although not of the noble wine and coffee is mellow, was always emitting intellectual atmosphere and the faint scent of a woman. Pearl soft textured leather Golden noble, in concise and reflected in subtle and refined flavor, elegant blooms under the romantic wedding dress of the bride.
&Nbsp;   sweet, pretty, the embodiment of dream Princess believes every girl has a glass complex, wedding, there is nothing like a sweet romance-filled shoes, to better meet their girlhood dreams of fairy tales! Sweet, pretty shoes full of wedding sweet, let the bride moments become noble Princess. Cute bow, romantic flowers, on a round toe, a ballet-like caper!
&Nbsp;   noble gorgeous, metamorphosis under the charming brides dressed in sexy evening wear, noble gorgeous evening shoe is absolutely elegant and sexy password, as the dream of Cinderella Crystal shoe, absolutely beautiful, instantly sublime nobility. Metal sequins make you feel like being in a fairy tale world, whether sultry red, still shining gold, as magnificent and charming, filled with happiness in the air in celebration of the wedding.