Wedding etiquette
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&Nbsp;   new wedding will have its own budget, but often, value-for-money, so how can you let their budgets decrease?
&Nbsp;   first do not disclose budgets before actually talking to wedding photography business, they usually be given according to your budget, recommend a slightly higher than the budget package to you, rather than consider what your needs are. After that will be waiting for you a number of late consumer, believe it will significantly over budget, that is why most of the real causes of cost overruns.
&Nbsp;   must see original videos albums will usually let you see their work, but this album after layout design as always looks beautiful. So you'd better ask directly in computer chips, more objective evaluation of the photographer's standards.
&Nbsp;   caught each offer before deciding to shoot the wedding, what are ask in-store promotions, wedding photography business promotions have usually sent value, subtract the amount and package upgrades. Oh, don't look down on these activities, because these can be directly to your photos to get a higher price.