Wedding etiquette
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&Nbsp;   wedding is our fine tradition of the Chinese nation, generally after the wedding bridal chamber, everybody drunk, often into the bridal chamber, make fun of the bride and groom, people laughing in a wedding ceremony to a climax.
&Nbsp;   1, love fudge groom's marriage to her mouth candy (jelly) to the bride eats, altogether have to eat 30 tablets, of course, can help the bride and groom to eat, if the groom does not eat other men can also replace it!
&Nbsp;   2, spring love in order to show the groom sturdy, future home, so the groom carrying the bride in the bridal chamber and bed five times, the bride not allowed to fall, if the groom's strength is not followed, may be replaced by another man.
&Nbsp;   3, happy love song sings a love song to prepare a few inflammatory, spearheaded by the guests sing, then by the bride and groom or relay, wrong or not sing, penalty was Kiss by a male guest of the bride, groom's punishing three cups.
&Nbsp;   4, dancing the Hula skirt can be adapted to local conditions, can tear toilet paper instead of the simple, of course, we cannot look at her jump, leave this program to groom a sensation, especially fat bridegroom, twist up all meat shake up.
&Nbsp;   5, solutions knot cannot hand solution, with the mouth! knot can be made by guests, but should not be too round, or they could face rookie Chin-months against a mortar and pestle, proposals for a finished rope drop no, unless there is a mix of saliva.
&Nbsp;   6, smooth basin to the River, soap box for shipping, SOAP stuck a match, on the upside, new thread in his mouth, thin wire tied cigarettes. With a lit cigarette to light the match on the SOAP.
&Nbsp;   7, a bee on the brides face candy, honey busy groom. A groom threatened two pillows under their wings must be fanned, can belt after her ass don't things like a piece of sugar cane as the Hornets after the end of needle, our familiar children's song: Buzz Bee, fly in the flowers ... ... With his beak down the bride all the sugar is out.
&Nbsp;   8, cross-dressing is, of course, the bride and groom live, ordered the groom wear bride charm slim wedding dresses, bride and groom figure is certainly not embossed, so consider adding props to enhance appreciation and need makeup, proposal is weak, if you don't eat much supper, makeup!
&Nbsp;   9, perfect full couple's body language and literary expression, using two numbers one to ten to the body structure shape, each number to say a better idiom.
&Nbsp;   10, festive drums couple strapped to the lid and joyfully knock. Home invasion, the props, tied to a new pot, and parts at will, while dancing while two people touch each other, as long as we can hear the loud sound of gongs and drums, consider music, requires rhythm, popular R&. B。
&Nbsp;   11, very familiar on their wedding day, brides dressed in thin, cave, guests can find ways to let the couple mutual play uninhibited game, lost a fist that is fading away clothing or jewelry piece, until no longer faded so far.
&Nbsp;   12, high with a glass of wine to encourage the bride to the groom in order to express her love deeply, trying to make his high heels, drink three cups. Bride and groom to guess what color is the wedding night panties, you got it, the bride for showcasing, just show a little bit, right; guess wrong, to groom underwear only "naked" runs the bridal chamber three times.
&Nbsp;   13, love Apple in order to express the continuous love, to cut the Apple bride feeding groom eats, but apples are not allowed to cut off, broken, long kiss the bride and groom 10 penalty minutes.
&Nbsp;   14, you will have to guess the bride and groom on their wedding night panties what color is, you got it, the bride for showcasing, just show a little bit, right; guess wrong, to groom underwear only "naked" runs the bridal chamber three times.
&Nbsp;   15, warm ice, first asked the groom to the bride picked him up and then friends two or three people will be prepared well in advance of ice, into the groom's arms, and then the crowd embraced the couple, new bride cold quickly, jumping up and down, so that when consummated, excessive enthusiasm.
&Nbsp;   16, chocolate dress female VIP put chocolate in bride dress in "is, of course, the bride sat", ask the groom to seize, grain companies, or require the groom mouth instead recovered by grain.
&Nbsp;   17, crispy chocolates by female friends with chocolate sauce in the bride out heart-shaped sweet fluid in the chest, and then ask the groom licking in public taste, as heart.
&Nbsp;   18, prior the bridal chamber of the bridal chamber locked room door, key hidden somewhere, or a friend, and let the groom look for, each one could not be found and the bride must let the guests Kiss, until he finds it.