Wedding etiquette
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&Nbsp;   before an important part of the marriage, it is proposed, often romantic and creative marriage proposal in one hit, so beloved of her heart joy.
&Nbsp;   1, feelings about you, she went to see a movie on the big screen in the film before its official opening, on screen playing a line you added to the word, "honey, will you marry me? "Imagine the entire cinema will cheer for your romantic, women in the crowd" stress "the most vulnerable to infection, and promised to marry him. Your romantic gesture, I believe that cinema can also be recorded in the "history".
&Nbsp;   2, threatened in the air when you travel by plane, aircraft and staff on your proposal as a matter of special read out the Declaration, staged romantic scene in the high altitude, sure you will love her are you creative and people moved by envy.
&Nbsp;   3, lucky star love loves her millions reason to write on the paper, fold into a lucky star, fill a glass bottle and give it to her. One day, like you expect them to find the one that your promises of love-wedding ring of stars, in front of her open, say what you want to say, her will think you're awesome!
&Nbsp;   set 4, Highway 5, radio teaser if you knew she would be at a fixed time every day to listen to a fixed broadcast, on-demand programming will be able to win her favor.
&Nbsp;   6, whisper on the beach with beautiful and romantic sea transfer your vows of love is a way of most romantic beautiful surroundings, Moonlight by the sea when the spread, you can put the wedding ring in exquisite shells by local Aboriginal children had given her, she will be touched by the romantic feelings for you.
&Nbsp;   7, electronic proposal we live in the age of the Internet, so you must learn to use technology. So, why not give her a marriage with a big question mark message?
&Nbsp;   8, stadium songs girls usually don't like to watch the game, but you can specifically ask her to see again, resting on the pitch 15 minutes, through the large screen and asked her to marry him, in front of millions of people, I believe she will be happy TIDDLY.