Wedding etiquette
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&Nbsp;   want their wedding to be able to show a more aesthetic style, many couples struggle, if you do not want to be like most people hold a Western wedding, you can choose traditional wedding. The bride and groom can sit in front of the boats, eating dates and drinking tea with sugar, can also stand on the bow; carp. Such a wedding also need to arrange with the features of Yangzhou drama storytelling and puppets to participate in performances.
&Nbsp;   after the dinner ended, everyone wishing can be placed next to the Grand Canal with new lights, expressing good wishes. Ancient wedding outfit is essential. Dress of the Han dynasty, Tang Chai-tin coating, with apparel jade bracelet, jade, Jade Hairpin is spending a lot of money.
&Nbsp;   If your wedding is with a Thanksgiving theme, one touching scene is necessary. When the bride when they embraced their mother, master of ceremonies broadcast the name, motioned for them and their mothers hug onstage and immediately hold into one, even many hadn't investigations to the mother, also stood up to hug their dear mother, the scene is very warm.
&Nbsp;   for a bride who is lively, the wedding day is a best time to realize the dream of drag racing. F1 track was the wedding many couples dream, sometimes, wedding is a day of meet the aspirations of the people. Long crazy wish, taking advantage of the big wedding and refreshing, something that many reasons for the alternative ceremony appeared.