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&Nbsp;   all kinds of marriage in an age of individuality appears gradually, was proposed in the past by patterned, single images made make public your personality your romance, make yourself a real hero. At home and abroad have proposed many different customs and ways. Different marriage proposal has a very different effect Oh! Single image photography is exquisite wedding, personalized photo professional photo agencies. Has a strong team, is a group of dynamic, fashionable young people. Single image of professionalism, keen sense of fashion, and the ability to appreciate art, keep leading the latest concept, captures IN the trend of the pulse. Secrets for you romantic marriage proposal 7 1. Video a SOP produced a proposed to her video could touch her heart, especially if you can watch this video with her.
&Nbsp;   2. peak if your girlfriend is a sporty, you can, after a day of climbing, standing on the peak to peak to propose to her. Other simple happiness possible methods include: when you jump in the air, diving in the deep sea, and so on.
&Nbsp;   3. air "coerce"
&Nbsp;   in a more public way is to use the opportunity to fly with you. You can request the Commander via radio communication system to communicate your proposal to girlfriend around. For example, you can ask the captain, said: "we are flying over the Qinghai-Tibet plateau, and nearly 40 minutes to reach their destination. By the way, Anna, Li Ke you asked if he was lucky enough to marry him. "In the glare, I believe you are only likely to be a" do "and, of course, also landed safely.
&Nbsp;   4. Highway idea she was driving on his way home, shoe ads on billboards in front suddenly became "Lulu, will you marry me? "It can certainly make your marriage proposal twice. Not only that, the passing cars will know that you have in mind, and may you have the perfect marrying of success. They will wish you Lulu don't get too excited and hit the sign.
&Nbsp;   5. screens for the media you reluctantly agreed to go with her to see the latest Super romance movies. Just before the film begins, has played only one set of subtitles added: "Maya, will you be my wife? "You will not be carefully directed the film won an Academy Award, at least it will be romantic scene was recorded in the cinema" history ".
&Nbsp;   6. it needs real love ticket "policeman" to cooperate, the door let her drive. However, if while driving, gets to one side, and then received a "proposed ticket", it is a very new feeling.
&Nbsp;   7. love lucky star love her millions reason to write on the paper, fold into a lucky star, fill a glass bottle and give it to her. After finding all kinds of free reading with her in your written reasons for love, one day, like you expect them to find the one that your promises of love-wedding ring of stars, in front of her open, say what you want to say, her will think you're awesome!