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&Nbsp;   in choosing a wedding company, they also have a lot of stress and such a big thing for the wedding, newcomers choose a wedding company is paying attention. Good wedding is not measured by the prices, maybe more, enough attention to your once in a lifetime wedding, big companies, after all, reception of newcomers a day more. Small wedding or maybe not as much strength as you make arrangements for a lavish wedding. Wedding Planner is the soul of a wedding company, and company doing wedding planning is directly related to new friends ' wedding. Hard, hard, professionalism, integrity is a real qualified wedding companies want to pursue.
&Nbsp;   how to choose a good wedding company?
&Nbsp;   first look at qualifications, that is to start by looking at the wedding or if the store has a formal license, they were able to undertake a major wedding event. Once a customer in a shop to pay a deposit, as a result, get married a few days before the owners go out of business?! Wedding is new lifetime of event, how may handed a no implementation capacity, and no anti-risk capacity of small units does, so, new must to note this is; second: Watch works, regardless of wedding service institutions of personnel how explained which block how how good, must to see about the wedding institutions of yiqian made wedding of effect, this quite important, not only can see for new recommended of wedding host of presided over effect, and can review they of wedding camera and the late edit making level, and The wedding service institutions of overall planning and implementation capacity how; third: talk about planning, near two years to, new in held wedding of when, more focused on wedding of personalized and the fashion of, each on this new are in pursuit self wedding of unique, so, and wedding service institutions of Wedding Planning Division chat about planning concept, on can know the wedding institutions can for new planning what of wedding; IV: taste service, all of products, are is reflected in "service" II Word, especially in wedding service aspects, At this point, the service fee is not and is proportional to the quality of service, just as in a five-star hotel Yuda, regardless of your charge is 500 or 50,000 yuan, you enjoy the same service that all five-star. Established trust, through above of link, new on can experience to the wedding service institutions of level, can pay deposit, will wedding in the relative important of part determine down, like wedding planning, and wedding host, and camera,; v: planning wedding, then, the wedding institutions will will into planning program, through and new of full communication, for new tailored design designed belongs to the on new of of wedding planning programme;