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&Nbsp;   has a lot of newcomers have a phobia for large and small weddings, a reference to marriage had a headache, in order to organize your wedding, more people are worried about gray hair, flurry of hands and feet, and results to the wedding day many people feel stressed. So, what makes your wedding simple and distinctive, easily and economically? To give you a new four-point wedding advice:
&Nbsp;   bride makeup appropriate makeup needed some basic cosmetics: Foundation, loose powder, eye shadow, blush and lipstick. If you choose your own makeup, you can be solved at home or a hotel room, do not need to make an appointment makeup artist or time lag. With a confident and happy mood, a makeup that can show you the most beautiful side of it, if you are concerned about your looks too pale, and invite friends to your makeup to try in advance.
&Nbsp;   ceremony d├ęcor wedding ceremony usually ends in less than an hour, in the case of space itself is beautifully decorated in special decorative spends too much money on wasteful. Ready for some hanging baskets or vases and plug in a beautiful local wedding flowers, do economic and environmentally friendly. Perhaps in addition to prepare some candles and placed flowers at the site, you can also use other means to love nest to dress up the wedding.
&Nbsp;   invitation stationery, postage and special materials to environmental protection paper and large size cards will make you spend in this area increase, and may not be able to obtain good results. Try to find a local buffet supplies, stickers and stationery shops, or readily available paper in your hand, with ink-jet printers to produce special invitations. Don't make it too modern nor the envelope too much, lest excessive postage.
&Nbsp;   wedding take the unique wedding thank, and least expensive method is to choose gifts that show your personal style. Dessert is a good choice, prepares a box of mixed biscuits you like, put them in the colored boxes or cute bags for friends to a wedding; for guests do not like food, can be donated directly to send their cash gifts to charity, be sure to use a handwritten cards inform guests and tell them you are with their donation in the name of.