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&Nbsp;   United States on the issue of a fashion magazine lists 101 ways to make weddings more personal, more memorable ways, here are 11 for the new add highlights to your wedding ideas.
&Nbsp;   selection of stamps for your invitation for your invitation selection of commemorative stamps, for example, stamp patterns on your wedding day, location and other factors related to or with a bride or groom animals property relations. From subtle reflects a thoughtful arrangement.
&Nbsp;   a carved stone products to commemorate don't speed on a dream of Red mansions like the stones, but they can be the bride and groom's names and wedding date engraved in stone, such as Mandarin ducks, roses for the bride and groom meaningful jewellery.
&Nbsp;   wedding table names in the wedding party, give each table a name that is meaningful to you. For example, if you like to travel, to your table you like to go to the city, and the name of the place. If you like flowers, give a variety of flowers on the table name. When people come, to tell people to "Peony" is better than "3rd".
&Nbsp;   design your own wedding rings United States of a famous married, wedding ring designs for their Dragon tails of a mouth, places signs unlimited, eternal, the eyes of the Dragon, respectively set the bride and groom's birthday on precious stones.
&Nbsp;   wedding rings engraved with the words on the back that you can engrave your beliefs or favorite sayings, engraved with your declarations of love or romantic words, vows, etc.
&Nbsp;   make a particular CD or cassette tapes of your favorite music or love song recorded on a CD or tape, broadcast at the wedding. This CD or cassette tapes also can be preserved as a Memorial. Popular Phoenix host Wu xiaoli recently did just that.
&Nbsp;   election day celebrated with special meaning you can pick your parents or grandparents ' wedding anniversary or anniversary of the bride and groom met for the first time to a wedding.
&Nbsp;   making a hand by hand is also called "Bai NA" was sewn with a variety of cloth stitched together into. You can let friends or relatives each carried a certain specification cloth, the above pattern can be associated with new hobbies, sewing Quilt Show at the wedding reception, or as a memorabilia collection.
&Nbsp;   let guests leave words of blessing paid restaurant staff or friends, passed at the end of dinner one of the Yearbook, let guests stay blessed words. Lit candles symbolize two combines at or before the end of the wedding, a ceremony was held, so that the two parents together on stage, each holding a lit small candles and lit a large candle, symbolizing the Union of two families.
&Nbsp;   send your gift to surprise your lover if you had booked a honeymoon hotel you can send in a cardboard box, the recipient is your partner. Inside the box, you may wish to load his or her favorite snack, silk pajamas and the like shows you things like warm and considerate, give your partner a surprise.
&Nbsp;   to the guests of "sweet" thanks for every guests planning a pretty little box containing a small piece of cake, attach a small card, write a couple words to express concern and gratitude. Sent when guests leave, to the wedding guests will leave a perfect printing