Wedding etiquette
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&Nbsp;   the thought of wedding day is near, new people's mood is very happy. And my favorite person in under the blessing of all the guests thought the stage many times in my dreams, the groom may be excited, maybe nervous, maybe calm. The bride may shy, maybe fear, maybe in appearance. Which one do you belong to? Did you think about exactly how many times the wedding? In fact, you don't have to worry about all the cumbersome for wedding wedding companies and hotels as well as friends go, you mind waiting for the groom and the bride, keep following the three laws, there must be an easy, romantic, in holy matrimony.
&Nbsp;   [laws 01]: keep the bright smile open, even if some don't, or individual people make too much, the couple can also temper, not happy, always smiling, always fair, happy smile.
&Nbsp;   [Law 02]: frankly services before the wedding the couple get everything assigned to people, they don't have to always hands-on, heads to find the groom on the day of the wedding atmosphere, Princess Bride found feeling of calm and enjoy the service.
&Nbsp;   [03]:80 satisfied the law once played, do not insist on perfect, completely absorbed his role, detail of no one cares about those principles, the key is to coordinate throughout the atmosphere.