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Development trend of modern wedding is what?

&Nbsp;   1, personality, focusing on access to modern means of expression of the wedding more colorful, flowers, props, stage, lighting, sound more and more into a wedding scene, effectively creating a sacred, serious, romantic atmosphere.
&Nbsp;   2, and wedding in occurred change in wedding of optional day, and wedding held time of select Shang increasingly diversification, non-holiday and the evening held wedding of people increasingly more; married car increasingly short, team increasingly less, new more focused on wedding site decorative by create of atmosphere, willing to put money more of spent in wedding of site; wedding site red decorative increasingly less, colorful of color increasingly more of into wedding site, more rich has site effect, Create a memorable atmosphere; liquor and less on the wedding, wine growing, reception quality will be improved significantly.
&Nbsp;   3, wedding ceremonies on the basis of much importance to emphasizing fashion personality wedding, couple more and more focus on the ritual of the wedding, simple funny, funny wedding is out of date, Holy and solemn, romance, commitment ceremony will be urban-oriented new people of all ages.
&Nbsp;   4, Wedding couples wedding etiquette wedding guests more and more attention, including: show up on time, wearing dresses and suits, and actively cooperate with the wedding atmosphere. Past make, make, make and alcoholism have contempt for the people. We see more and more of our guests, it is polite to send the couple's blessing on!
&Nbsp;   reduced 5, DIY wedding, professional wedding service trend in the DIY so-called buffet wedding mode process, more and more couples looking to more professional wedding Agency. Because, the so-called self wedding mode, the result is professional action will result in people leaving many regrets, new people are very tired, not less money spent, also owes a lot of favors, like one of my friend's wedding wedding company in Shenzhen while planning for her wedding, she said he was so touched that day, estimated that'll never forget. Is expected in the next period of time, good reputation and high quality of service, professionalism, reasonable price professional wedding service providers will become the new hot ...
&Nbsp;   6, start to do the wedding dress of the bride wedding dress rental and borrowing are a thing of the past, more and more people begin to tailor according to their own wedding dresses and wedding dress made for love, leaving unforgettable memories for the most sacred moments of life!

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