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Generation Group at consumer attitudes on the marital problems of a Maverick

&Nbsp;   due to generation generally reach marriageable age, many businesses are characteristic for young people, launched a wide range of personalized wedding products, wedding consumption is becoming mature and generation groups, in pursuit of individuality at the same time do not forget to play to their own advantages, using the Internet and other modern tools, budget-conscious, rational consumption. Today, the wedding market in the same photography, clothing and backgrounds have been unable to meet generation new pursuit of personality and desires. It is understood that many studios, studios are now offering personalized products, photographer and makeup artist according to new requirements, come with a variety of distinct theme or new met and fell in love with the story for a group photo, additional photo's added value.
&Nbsp;   in addition, in order to make your wedding unique and at the same time affordable, smart young man also uses the most modern electronic invitations, will not only reduce the expenditure also reflects the personalities of the times. Moreover, many online shopping-savvy young couple on their wedding has its own advantages into full play in the process, manufacturer direct purchase in the online shop from the source on the network such as wedding dresses, wedding items, even the large amount of candy, wedding invitations and lahua and other decorations, and they can easily find cheap goods on the Internet.