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Invitations need to pay attention to what issues?

&Nbsp;   new people invite relatives and friends to attend their wedding, when had to carefully prepare for the wedding invitations. And out of politeness. Invitation wedding ambassadors is a bridge for communication with the guests.
&Nbsp;   to ensure sufficient time to print the wedding invitations by the selected style, to pick up the first draft budget for a month, even need to modify time due to post one month before the wedding, so two months before marriage will have to begin to see your favorite style.
&Nbsp;   select appropriate styles are not require unique or too fancy design, it may be readily available for the selected printing company designs, occurred while the opportunity not only low, but also saves time. If you choose to design your own, first a samples, printing company published an error can be reduced by chance. Before mass printing, printing company must be required to make a real sample to check errors. Post lots of styles, traditional red card stamping words, simple white invitations, folded, stereo cards, printed on the newlyweds, and cartoon characters and even using computer design skills, all of their own, according to personal preferences to choose from.
&Nbsp;   invitation title cannot use any nickname nickname or name abbreviation. If is the whole family, write Fu. If the couple will write a double blessing. If you are a person, just write the full name on the line. If relatives, also after the full name plus the name and so on.
&Nbsp;   issued invitations to phone text message notification can confirm whether people come to on the one hand, and the number of participants to be a understanding to seat yourself. So you don't waste too many empty seats seats. Do remind people again on the other hand, if they are busy up and forget everything you do.
&Nbsp;   wedding invitations issued by time, can control in one month to half a month ago. Wedding date, week, time to write clearly. Year does not need to appear in the invitation.
&Nbsp;   corner wedding locations on the invitations with wedding information, such as location, time, or attach a separate page in the card show.