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"80" overseas wedding after what the new features?

&Nbsp;   now of married crowd most is to $literal mainly, in this generation people in the appeared has a new of romantic married way, they a modified traditional of shooting wedding of mode, but will honeymoon travel and wedding combined in with, to tourism wedding line Shang of wedding, and personality photo, and fashion art photo to records love of people of points drip drops, and moments of emotional, this new of vocabulary is overseas wedding photography.
&Nbsp;   Studio location and wedding photography wedding photography abroad the differences:
&Nbsp;   belongs to on-location wedding photography wedding photography abroad, first advantage is to go abroad. Away from domestic locations exquisite photographs, due to far, its focus has shifted from wedding photography wedding photography abroad. Exact said Studio location in location wedding photography is a featured part of wedding photography, overseas wedding photography wedding photography abroad in a featured part of their wedding photos.
&Nbsp;   overseas wedding photography and wedding photography different domestic tourism:
&Nbsp;   for guests, in a foreign, see humanistic view of different language different guests differently, results for wedding photography is also different. Another point, overseas wedding photography, guests traveling abroad while shooting a wedding is what a happy thing, first going abroad is a happy thing, so you can feel some local cultural characteristics, customs and etiquette, and feature attractions. Feature in so many places overseas wedding photography photo shoot really is the inability to feel a sense of well-being ... Current consumption levels in China and more on the right, both began studying abroad, to work overseas ... Now overseas wedding photography has become a fashion trend, a symbol of a high-end consumer, a form of expression. Overseas wedding photography prices are probably about 10,000 for us to travel abroad while filming the wedding why not?
&Nbsp;   select overseas wedding photography, where the essence?
&Nbsp;   If, say, the overseas wedding photography, just choose the sea, then the cost would be too sorry that trip abroad, of course, despite their major objective is to play honeymoon, filming just a supplement.