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What are the choices of Chinese traditional auspicious several taboo

&Nbsp;   every woman's most beautiful moments, married is wearing a wedding dress, and into the moment. At this moment, is the most essential flower embellishment. A handful of gorgeous, bright flowers, not only for the bride is more charming and more romantic, warm atmosphere of the wedding.
&Nbsp;   bouquets bouquets from the Western origin of religious marriage ceremony: in the ancient legends of the West, the young man to the beloved girl all the way through, will collect beautiful bouquets of flowers into March, dedicated to each other to express affection. This practice was later followed and pop down to China, increasingly have more meaning. Meanwhile, in full wedding blessings and looking forward to other unmarried girls, handed it another way: unmarried women lost wedding bridal bouquet, you will find yourself happy couples.
&Nbsp;   bouquets look common holding flowers in the shape of a European-style flower balls, triangles, waterfalls, and so on, a variety of styling to meet new needs. "European flower balls for its delicate appearance, most brides of all ages, whether fat or thin, tall bride or paired with any forms of dress are matched. "" European-style bouquet of flowers generally used Diana Rose, flowers you use baby's breath or long Kang. "
&Nbsp;   selection of bouquets bridal bouquets are important accessories at a wedding, in choosing a wedding should be on and the whole atmosphere, the bride, wedding dress style size, temperament, good so as to create a good effect. "In order to ensure that the bouquets and wedding dresses, good bride before the select bouquets should be communicating with wedding flowers well in advance of the styles, colors, and ensure that the wedding day wedding dress styles, colors and materials with a good. ”