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&Nbsp;   various forms of wedding color for the selected purchase wedding shoes, the situation is not the same, to introduce the following wedding under the following forms of wedding shoes to match.
&Nbsp;   outdoor wedding outdoor weddings from 2010 in the domestic pop, typically includes lawn weddings, beach weddings and other forms, such Weddings is relatively active, compared with the solemn church wedding, a lot easier. Ground environment than indoor complex for outdoor wedding, wedding shoe selection is also more exquisite.
&Nbsp;   outdoor wedding gown is often chosen this year to the popular short or simple long, easy to operation. High heel wedding shoes generally choose not to avoid long time outdoors walking, tired feet. Of course, the bride who is best to choose a pair of comfortable and light the color of wedding shoes, so they can use one and the whole nature, let our guests to feel the fresh and elegant bride.
&Nbsp;   traditional Chinese, traditional Chinese, especially Han Weddings is the essence of ancient Chinese culture, one of the red sedan, the mighty procession of guard of bride and groom to heaven, wedlock...... "fengguanxiapei" is a traditional Chinese-style female hearts that is difficult to untie the knot.
&Nbsp;   red "fengguanxiapei" red wedding shoes most suitable, you can choose between a pair of romantic and elegant Chinese-style double roses in Western-style high heel Bridal Shoes, this will be the best partner for the full of charming wedding. Red, Golden or black shoes are the best choice for traditional wedding wedding shoes.
&Nbsp;   East-West, with Western style elegant traditional style infused with Chinese wedding, romantic wedding, Chinese and Western civilizations are intertwined with each other, becoming white-collar workers of the most popular are weddings in one fell swoop. Due to the variety of styles of overlaps, generally need a wedding dress three to provide different occasions to wear. Usually prepare a Western-style suit, as well as Western-style wedding shoes, a Chinese-style dress and Chinese wedding shoes, along with a cocktail-style dresses, and wedding shoes.
&Nbsp;   This form of marriage is now the mainstream of the young couple, many young people will choose to hotels stocked with their wedding, and the combination of Chinese and Western wedding is simple, easy and tastes of all guests. This wedding I recommend that brides choose a pair of wedding shoes that fits your wedding dress skirt, will add luster to your wedding party.
&Nbsp;   church wedding, many girls will dream of their wedding day dressed in a white wedding dress, the blessing of the Lord in Holy Church. Church wedding as a representative of the Western culture is slowly integrated into China, this fashionable, majestic and romantic wedding is popular urban white-collar workers and intellectuals of all ages.
&Nbsp;   church wedding will usually choose white wedding dresses, wedding shoes should not be in a darker color so white and silver church weddings and wedding shoes are more desirable in white, silver glitter sequin high heel Bridal Shoes right shows the church wedding the bride's noble, elegant.