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How to make your wedding shoes wedding escape

&Nbsp;   may ahead of the wedding, the bridegroom still worry about whether your skin can present on their wedding day the most beautiful state, and daily when the mask; or worry about whether your body can handle that beautiful wedding gown, and when trying to lose weight, have you ever thought about the importance of a pair of high heels? Choose your high heels on her wedding day for all the links disappear, happy to groom themselves, allow themselves to be the most happy woman, I believe that every bride needs to be considered, is also important.
&Nbsp;   wedding just around the corner, the figure when the clothes are beautiful, a pair of high heels often becomes the enemy of brides. Especially for Brides of leisure sports, 7-8cm, high heels, though who serves you, but thinking about it all day long "foot punishment" on how to be laughing. For many brides prepare for "high heels out" plan, save your feet together.
&Nbsp;   suitable for sufficient time for preparation of the bride if you have sufficient time to prepare for the wedding, then pick their favorite pair of heels before the wedding, in a few months time it consciously for practice, to wedding day problem will be readily solved.
&Nbsp;   for women who used to wear flat shoes, the selection of high heels, first principles is fit, absolutely cannot be ignored because only a little bit of discomfort, or a waste of money and damage. Materials should be chosen cowhide, Sheepskin, especially to line the edge, use soft materials for shoes. Cattle and sheep in the process of gradually in soft, let more people through the fit.
&Nbsp;   If you are experiencing a hard material, you can choose a slightly larger size, not only beautiful but choose "shook zeros" heel, increasing the burden on the forefoot.
&Nbsp;   purchase, Bridal stockings can be worn at home every day for practice, the length of time decided by the tolerance of the foot. Thick socks can be worn in the early practice not only helps to protect the feet skin, but also between the shoe and foot and create a more comfortable. Later you can wear silk stockings on strengthening adaptation. Of course, no matter what kind of shoes to buy, what kind of approach, spending more time in contact with shoes is the key.
&Nbsp;   insist on the flat bottom of the bride who married a certain high heels? New era of healthy women, why should such torture, beautiful even smiles are fake for a few hours. Many liberals announced bride of the high profile "wedding" I would also like to insist on flat-bottom. "
&Nbsp;   your height if you don't mind, don't mind etiquette rule, a pair of red shoes that not only frees feet, after the wedding we can make, both on bride's Qi beauty. Of course, deciding to wear flat shoes when you cut, to avoid long guests can select cover foot long gauze dress, bride and a beautiful, healthy itself liberal.