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Selection of wedding shoes, how much do you know?

&Nbsp;   Wedding Shoes Wedding Shoes Wedding Shoes, and some will worry about every detail of the wedding the bride and even wedding shoes is also spend half a month to purchase, questions about wedding wedding shoes for new finishing solution.
&Nbsp;   1, what kind of shoes for wear at the wedding, I can wear after the wedding?
&Nbsp;   you can select a pair of shoes with heels is not very high, so that after the wedding, or everyday wear. You might think it's too ordinary for important occasions like wedding, so you can choose shoes with coloured embroidery so fine enough and you will feel very expensive wedding match.
&Nbsp;  , of course, beautiful and distinctive shoes are every bride's favorite.
&Nbsp;   help around 2, I like the heel of the shoe, but I'm worried about dancing when the shoes fall off, is there any way to do it?
&Nbsp;   wear high heels is tricky, and if you don't normally wear this type of shoe, or not to take the risk. But there is a solution: you can choose to back no upper, the shoes with a strap in the Middle, this band can avoid dancing shoes from your foot slipped.
&Nbsp;   3, I'd like a pair of comfortable shoes, but they have to promise on their wedding day very elegant, what advice would you give me?
&Nbsp;   flat shoes and high heels as spectacular, a simple and beautiful ballet shoes, its charm comes from the delicate white eyelet fabric and satin ankle strap, will make you feel very elegant.
&Nbsp;   believe, the day of the wedding you are the most beautiful woman, no matter what you put on any pair of shoes, you are classy and beautiful.
&Nbsp;   4, holding my wedding at the beach, I don't want to wear less formal shoes barefoot on the beach, what are my other options?
&Nbsp;   for a beach wedding, a pair of flat sandals or pinch Sandals would be the best choice. Maybe you think it's too ordinary, it may wish to take a foot chain, this unique way to make your perfect beach wedding.
&Nbsp;   5, I choose a lace wedding dress, I can wear a Lacy pair of shoes go with it?
&Nbsp;   with lace lace dress shoes will feel very tedious if you're wearing a lace, crystals, embroidery, decoration gorgeous dresses, it is best to wear a pair of simple shoes for the same reason, lace shoes a simple wedding dress is very beautiful.
&Nbsp;   6, I will be in the cold winter wedding, if wearing stiletto high heels must be very cold. What kind of shoes is warm and not so awkward?
&Nbsp;   you can select a paragraph and white ankle boots, the best upper folds of lace or tiny bows, so as not to feel awkward, but very chic and full of feminine. Wear with your wedding dress the same satin boots, would be the perfect solution, but it can be very costly.
&Nbsp;   7, I really don't like the white shoes, I can choose a colored pair of shoes?
&Nbsp;   there are no special provisions: If you wear a white or beige wedding dress, your shoes must be of the same color. You can choose the color nuances of shoes, such as silver or gold, as well as close to the light color of the flowers, such as: light green, light pink, lilac or pale yellow. In addition, all white shoes and could not match many garments, so there are some color of wedding shoes can also greatly increase the chance of wear after the wedding.
&Nbsp;   selection of wedding shoes are not absolute, if you got a better idea let you match people praise on your wedding day, you can follow your own match, after all, this is your very own wedding.