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The unknown culture of wedding shoes

&Nbsp;   on wedding shoes wedding, there are many brides feel a pair of beautiful fashion shoes almost, but it's not, it is not more expensive shoes more precious. Wedding shoes around for hundreds of years, each with a different meaning of wedding shoes.
&Nbsp;   "wedding shoes" embroidered shoes embroidered shoes embroider pattern themes drawn from life, the theme was folk culture and folk customs, basic parameters and birds, insects, animals, claw pedicle flower fruit mountain scenery, characters, etc. Lucky was Ephraim son, Liu Bai Zi, two butterflies and flowers that open, calligraphy and other, meaning the hymn to life and a fulfilling life. Following a preliminary investigation, there are more than more than 20 ethnic groups in China as national dress features embroidered shoes, embroidered shoes as "Chinese shoe" is not.
&Nbsp;  , Shanxi jinnan about "Jin shoes" legend. During the warring States period, Jin was a small country, Jin offer when the King good governance, expand territory, annexing ten small Princes in one fell swoop. People will always remember him, he ordered all women in the Palace must be embroidered on upper pomegranate, peach, bergamot, grapefruit, and James ten patterns of flowers and fruit, also ordered a nationwide civilian woman must marry with this embroidered pattern of "ten fruit shoes" as the wedding shoes, so that generations do not forget Jin Xian Gong's illustrious record. Embroidered shoes said such patterns as "Jin shoes." Embroidery in Jin extends embroidered shoes embroidered clothing and other supplies.
&Nbsp;   coincidentally, in minority area looking for embroidery shoes of whereabouts Shi also has similar "10 fruit shoes" of legend: settlement in Gansu province Jishi Mountain River home area of Bonan, has also retained wear embroidery shoes of national traditional, this national area spread down of old poetry art "flowers" in the such sing road "green satin and upper oblique cut Shang, 10 sample Kam flowers embroidered Shang...... GA is the Peony I, the elder brother of green leaves match. "
&Nbsp;   of shoe-related marriage customs of Lam son shoes maonan young men and women liked each other, on moonlit nights, inviting to spend classification of mutual love, poured affection, calling it a "night" as long as both sides would like to knot a century of good, "night" when exchanging tokens.
&Nbsp;   girl giving a pair of young men, "Lam son shoes", that is, with white lines forming a sole group of square lattice shoes. Guy to send a girl a top "bamboo hat" giving pledge two people will give a lifetime of happiness to each other.
&Nbsp;   year shoes shoe acts as a connection in the mulam boys girls emotional role, is a keepsake. Typically, mulam girl in "Po" activities in the dark lovers foot size measurement, size sewing needle key line, steamer and steam for more than 10 minutes out to dry the shoes after, at the meeting with her lover as tokens given to him. Grant is the age of youth, which commonly known as the "shoe of the same year."
&Nbsp;   civil marriage custom of flower clog of Jing is more interesting. After the love between men and women, male entrusted matchmaker will make a song Lin and a color insert flowers clog, rushed to Beni. Women also took out a flower from the girls room performance. If the two sides spend hardly around pairing, the lovers are in heaven; if you do not match, it means not mutually, and not a couple. Flower clog paired, selected gift boxes, called "flowers clog".
&Nbsp;   silk and hemp shoe Han when the name of some places in the North, to the bride groom must send silk and hemp shoes, taking good fortune harmony, affection, never part of Italy. Meanwhile, silk and hemp shoes also includes sedan on the bride wearing silk and hemp shoes, silk cotton toughness Ma Zhi, harmonic "thinking MOM" means, Yu Xin woman, don't forget the mother. So as a marriage gift, harmony of the auspicious meaning shoes.
&Nbsp;   kai, shoe people prepare dowry for his daughter, Wuhu, Anhui Province, will provide the bride and groom with a pair of shoes. Locals also bride's shoes into the groom's shoes. Bride at her wedding, shoes to their husband's family. In Hefei, was on the wedding day, the bride when entering the bridal chamber, and groom Exchange shoes, bride and groom each wear each other's shoes, "shoes" and "Kai" harmonics, this wife is glad to pray.
&Nbsp;   also have to have a pair of wedding shoes groom, groom are blessed in Anhui.
&Nbsp;   go the way of digging the shoes of Han nationality in southern "go the way of digging the shoes" is the bride next car, entered the House for the first time the ceremony, namely: the Bride Groom's shoes went on the next car must change, so it is also called "tap shoes." "Shoes" harmony "together with" sound. Grow old symbol of Italy.
&Nbsp;   change shoes at the Lijiang Naxi ethnic weddings, bride and groom after entering the House, the bride gave her a pair of shoes. When entering the bridal chamber, the woman sent to deliberately send the bride to the groom's shoes into the depths of the new bed, forcing the groom bow to remove the shoes under the bed, and pulled the worn. This shoe is called "change shoes", also get couples with Kai, meaning.
&Nbsp;   shoes so much about marriage, wish all couples marriage, happy marriage.