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People yearn for the perfect wedding

&Nbsp;   for an unforgettable, luxury, Holy, romantic wedding, each couple that I believe will have their own ideas, how to make everyone present feel your passion, care and attention to the wedding? Following meaningful for new Members introduce several luxurious wedding.
&Nbsp;   luxury romantic wedding form 1, the chic luxury style: small, ornate, formal alternative wedding venue: Star City's luxury restaurants or spend the most part of the Hotel Ballroom wedding: wedding food and beverage venues layout best practices: using light to create dream-also best feeling color theme: colorful fruit color, preferably in purple ; Joined Golden or silver, metal color dotted bride best styling: long drag tail wedding groom best styling: dark suit set bridesmaid styling: cut design simple of small late dress married banquet form: big Grand of French dinner table decorative: more people seat long type table, match high pick table spent wedding background music: Jazz style music wedding cake: French Tower shaped wedding return: fine of French dessert or special design of chocolate gift box whole wedding fashion and has grade, for you build has a perfect of wedding site.
&Nbsp;   luxury romantic wedding form 2, the romantic and elegant style: by decorating personality detail, creating beautiful, Holy wedding fairy tale wedding venue options: botanical gardens or spacious outdoor spend the most part of the green wedding: some lovely and fantastic decoration or ceremony details spending, such as Swan Lake by the peacocks and swans to witness your vows of love, Or is bride ride with Cinderella of pumpkin car appearances, site layout best programme: can with flowers spell into himself and lover name of first letters decorative in entrance best theme color: cream yellow, and dream shallow powder, and West celery green bride best styling: wrapped chest type small skirt pendulum line type wedding groom best styling: official of light suit set or Tuxedo bridesmaid styling: light Department and the knee silk quality late loaded married banquet form: Western married banquet table decorative: 8-10 people seat round table, with rose, and and hoof Lotus, and Lily as the main flower and fruit wedding floral decoration and combined elements of the background music: live music by the band the wedding cake: oval-shaped frosted wedding cake and wedding ribbons back: printed with the couple to the wedding logo audio products or wrapped candy the whole wedding a romantic and warm, taste for every guest a relaxed, elegant wedding.
&Nbsp;   luxurious romantic weddings 3, colorful personality style: innovative, unexpected alternative wedding venues: Club, Loft, or you and your mate can think of the best way to reflect the personalities of two sites spend the most part of the wedding: wedding ceremony in a variety of exciting programs planned and performer's fee setting best practices: such as organizing a large event or party, Using dazzling of lights to create has impact of Visual effect best theme color: has rich gloss of gem blue, and bright orange color, and Pearl wine red and silver bride best styling: short, and tight, and sexy full of wedding and the dress groom best styling: has gloss sense of dress bridesmaid styling: retro long dress married banquet form: Western buffet and cocktail will phase combined, by waiter hand supporting various meals and the beverage in guests between shuttle table decorative: 4-6 people seat small Roundtable, will spent art and candle combined up, By flickering candlelight and silver or Crystal jewelry and venues of concert lighting wedding background music: of course invite the coolest DJ to play Butterfly wedding cakes: dark chocolate cake unique wedding gift: a bottle of good red wine packaged the whole wedding is like a big party, wedding to life.
&Nbsp;   luxury romantic style wedding form 4, and warm private general style: easily of family type private party alternative wedding site: Villa type garden; small leisure farm or resort wedding in the spent up of part: site rent, outdoor wedding ceremony Taiwan, and reception Taiwan of built costs site layout best programme: styling beautiful of tent best theme color: green, and pink, and shallow yellow bride best styling: short Princess type wedding, Match big flowers headdress or hat groom best styling: leisure suit bridesmaid styling: and bride wedding phase match of cotton quality Sun skirt, best is flowers pattern of married banquet form: Western buffet table decorative: 4-6 people with wood quality square or round table; with small spent device placed of spherical table spent, or directly with green plant package replaced spent device; match grid lines or flowers pattern of tablecloth wedding background music: Xiang ballad style of music wedding cake: with flowers decorative of 2 layer or 3 Layer fruit cake wedding gift: packing delicate little honey pot or jam or is a pastoral style of wooden ornament wedding ideas and dreams, give newcomers the Princess Prince's dream.