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Wedding bed how to choose?

&Nbsp;   indicators of substandard products harmful to health safety of textiles including colour fastness to formaldehyde content, pH value, and such. Not currently qualified products often accompanied by severe fading, shrinkage, fabric posing as cotton fabrics and other issues, a few products even have pH values or phenomena such as formaldehyde.
&Nbsp;   serious textiles fade, may release of azo dyes, will be absorbed after contact with skin, dye through the reduction of reaction of aromatic amine compounds, harmful to the human body, prolonged exposure causes skin cancer.
&Nbsp;   cotton and other natural fibers on the body the most user-friendly, compared with other polyester fabric blends, more secure, not to cause skin allergies and so on.
&Nbsp;   bedding pH value exceeds acceptable levels on the surface of human skin, will destroy the normal pH of the skin, affecting its defenses, make bacteria more vulnerable to invasion.
&Nbsp;   formaldehyde is harmful to human skin, respiratory tract, if over serious, prolonged exposure can lead to skin diseases and even cancer.
&Nbsp;   first appearance. Good quality bedding, fine lines, printing and full fabric and delicate, not fuzzy, printed rough grainy sensation. Consumers should choose a lighter shade or shades of natural products, because it is not easy to fade. And some color products, heavy may stain easily fade. In addition, there is a simple test: dawdle around on a piece of white cloth on the products, if found any signs of staining cloth, that will fade.
&Nbsp;   second, the smell. Good quality product smells fresh and clean, no odor. If packed smell the acrid smell sour smell, probably because the formaldehyde in the product or the pH standard, best not to buy. At present, the mandatory standards for pH value of textiles from 4.0 to 7.5.
&Nbsp;   three-touch textures. Good products are fine, comfortable tightness, not rough, loose feeling to the touch. Detection of cotton products, from which a few filaments lit, burning when burning smell is normal. Also available hand twist the ashes, no knot instructions are pure cotton product, such as knots, then contains fiber.